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Established in 2013, The name "Sel Rrose" is a winking nod to the female alter-ego of Marcel Duchamp, Rrose Sélavy, and evokes the dynamic artist salons of early 20th century Paris — an era when the roots of modernism in arts and culture nestled neatly between weathered old-world walls and a stiff drink and spirited conversation was always at the ready. The breezy space is inspired by the vibrant history of its home on the Bowery—a street once lined with spirited saloons, florists, and oyster houses.

Our Parisian-inspired rustic-chic late-night hangout specializes in craft cocktails, natural wines, and fresh oysters. Our menu features daily fresh east coast oysters, a full raw bar, and a selection of seasonal plates perfect for a small bite or a more substantial evening meal. Our sprawling white marble bar offers botanically infused cocktails alongside an array of premium spirits, natural wines, select beers, and sparkling wine on tap.

"Every bar I built has been a reflection of me, my influences, and what I was experiencing at the time." - Kristin Vincent, Owner of Sel Rrose & Sel Rrose Montauk.


Opened in June 2019, Sel Rrose Montauk finds owner Kristin Vincent venturing out of her comfort zone in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, opening her doors in the seaside getaway town of Montauk. The newest addition to Vincent’s portfolio of cool bars is the perfect expansion of Sel Rrose Manhattan, where a cool Downtown fashion crowd, the art world, and avant-garde professionals linger over natural wines, cocktails, and fresh oysters.

Building off her obsession with Rrose Selavy – Marcel Duchamp’s female alter ego, who inspired the Manhattan flagship – Vincent was inspired by Duchamp’s unlikely friendship with Salvador Dali while creating Sel Rrose Montauk. It was Duchamp and Dali’s summers on the South coast of Spain – in a fishing village not unlike Montauk – that these two very opposite personalities solidified an intimate and lasting friendship over beach trips, dinner parties, social gatherings, and glasses of the finest wine. Taking this o heart, Vincent created a space that holds the same spirit as her downtown venues but in the relaxed salty air of Montauk.